A prayer for our lives

Almighty and merciful God, we confess to You that too often we approach You out of duty and obligation rather than genuine love and affection for Your presence.

Forgive us for uttering songs of praise to You without being transformed by the truths that we are singing. 

Forgive us for muttering prayers of adoration to You without depending upon Your love and grace. 

And forgive us for acting as though You are pleased with our show, pretense, and religious or church activities, when we do not love our neighbor.

You take no pleasure in these worthless offerings, they are an abomination to You. 

You will hide Your eyes from us, and You will not listen. 

We confess that we seek comfort and isolation rather than moving toward people, like You have moved toward us. 

We humbly ask that You would teach us to do what is truly good; that we would seek justice
and correct oppression. 

We pray that we would love seeing things made right in this world because You have first made us right through the cross of Christ.



P. 114 from Journey to the Cross

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