Romans 8 Memorization Accountability…anyone up for it?

I stumbled across a Q/A video with John Piper today. In the video, he addresses some really good questions, but what struck me the most is Piper’s reminder to memorize Romans 8. 

I heard his first exhortation to memorize the chapter in Romans in another video….but for the life of me I can’t remember where I heard it. (that ought to give you a hint to my memory skills)

So…I now feel challenged.

Here is what Piper says in this video about the benefits of memorizing Romans 8 in it’s entirety. 

1) It’s dense with relevant promises for everyday situations in life. 

2) You will never be in a hard, painful situation where Romans 8 will not have a word for you. 

3) We will never be alone. We will always have God addressing us. 

4) When we are in bondage to messages from our past, its because there is no compelling, competing message in our head making way to our heart.
(Points 1-4 come from Piper’s own words in the video)

Point four is my favorite…probably because Piper addressed the heart/mind connection and how this connection governs our life.

So…with those really great encouragements, I am ready to do it. 

However….I have not yet figured out how I will get it done so I guess I need to come up with a plan. 

Here are a few of what I think my limitations are:

-As I have grown older…(current age 43) my memory is kind of stinky. I am glad our church does music on the wall because even my favorite worship songs, I am constantly forgetting the words. 

– I can paraphrase the heck out of some verses, but full memorization, I have never done. Of course there are the verses in the Bible that are just stuck in my head…but not because I set out to memorize them. They are there simply because I have read them a lot. 

– I like to think I am disciplined enough to do this….but in reality….I know I am not. 

– I’m a huge procrastinator. 

– To be quite honest…I need accountability. I need someone pushing me, encouraging me, reminding me that I wanted to do this…..for the reasons above…but without accountability, I know I will forget.

So…with that said…I would like someone to do this with. Does anybody want to memorize Romans 8 with me? 

I know this blog is read by people all over the world….and I LOVE that. 

Hello world! 

So…anybody out there in the world ready to tackle Romans 8 with me? Any volunteers to be my accountability partner? 
Email me at arielbovat@gmail.com

In the mean time…here is the video I mentioned of John Piper encouraging others to memorize Romans 8. The question/answer where this is addressed starts at around minute 7:28. 

Also, if I can remember where I heard his first reminder……I’ll post it too if I can find it.  


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