Romans 8 Memorization Plan

So…here is the plan to memorize Romans 8 in its entirety.  I am taking John Piper’s advice and simply going to do lots of repetition and review. I will add verses to already memorized verses and go from there. 

For anyone that wants to do this with me, I made it simple for you.  I have decided not to do a challenge, contest, or any other competitive option that I see in other blogs. 

Our goal for memorizing scripture should not be to prove to others or to ourselves that we can do it. We really don’t need another avenue to boast a  “I can do anything I put my mind to” mentality. This kind of thinking will only create self-righteousness and we surely don’t want that.

The goal for memorizing scripture is simply to fight the battle of thoughts that control our heart and mind.  Replacing negative thoughts about shameful pasts or hurtful words from others with the word of God can only equip us to live lives worthy of being called by God. 

Many like to use Psalm 119:11 to encourage others to memorize scripture.  I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.

Some translate the word stored with hidden, treasured, laid up, or hide. The premise of this particular verse is to get scripture into our hearts.

The shortfalls of keeping scripture tucked away in our hearts is that there is a possibility that any scripture we have memorized becomes static. 


Another Christian “to do” thing. 

We can find ourselves loving scripture, loving God’s word, loving the Bible……but we are not being transformed by it. 

If memorizing scripture is not changing the way we think, process information or analyze ourselves, then we might need to re-evaluate why we do it. Remember, the religious elite had scripture memorized, yet Jesus referred to them as a “brood of vipers”.

Adding Ephesians 6:17 with Psalm 119:11 is a good place to start. 

As a homeschool mom to an 8 year old boy, I use Ephesians 6:10-18 often to reinforce the idea that the life of a Christian is like going to war, hence the need for armor. He loves hearing that. What boy would not love having armor?

Ephesians 6:17 tells us the word of God is our sword….basically a weapon. Weapons are used to protect life and to kill. The word of God gives life to our parched souls when we read it, hear it, analyze it and apply it. Scripture is literally God speaking to us. 

Likewise, when we are faced with life destroying words or thoughts that the enemy uses to discourage us or paralyze us, we can use God’s word to kill those negative thoughts/words and replace those thoughts with God own word.


Let’s use this sword wisely and effectively. Let’s plant God’s word, not only tucked away in our hearts, but actively in our minds. Let’s let God’s word govern our thoughts.

So, to help with this, I have created PDF files of print outs – 1-2 verses at a time. (there is one that is 3 verses long only because breaking it up would not have flowed well)

The first page will be the current memory verses in large font. Place this in an area where you will see it often. For me, I am placing it in my homeschool room, since I am in this part of the house most of the day with my children. Other options could be on the refrigerator or laundry room or wherever you spend most of your day. 

The second page has the verses written out 10 times. Read the verses 10 times. Then close your eyes and repeat several times, maybe 10. 

The third page will have the verses in 4 boxes to cut out. Put these cut-outs in your wallet, the dashboard of your car, use one as a bookmark, and any other place that will help, maybe the bathroom mirror. This will help saturate your environment with plenty of reminders to help the verses get in your mind. 

The 4th page is all the verses we have learned so far. Read it 5 times and then close your eyes and say it out loud a few times….maybe 5. 

There is no official start date or time constraints for this plan. Work at your own pace. Some verses will take longer than others. 

I am starting June 2 and will update my progress weekly, not only for my needed accountability but to encourage others to keep pressing on! 

That’s it. Should not take more than a few minutes each day. 
I’m ready…are you? 

Don’t forget to PRAY and ask God for the daily discipline that will be needed to get through the entire 8th chapter of Romans. 

Romans 8: 1-2
Romans 8: 3-4
Romans 8: 5-6
Romans 8: 7-8
Romans 8: 9-10
Romans 8: 11-12
Romans 8: 13-14
Romans 8: 15-16
Romans 8: 17-18
Romans 8: 19-21
Romans 8: 22-23
Romans 8: 24-25
Romans 8: 26
Romans 8: 27-28
Romans 8: 29-30
Romans 8: 31-32
Romans 8: 33-34
Romans 8: 35-36
Romans 8: 37
Romans 8:38-39

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