A Random Thought While Making Dinner- The Bible and Chicken with Rice

As I am in the kitchen, turning over the chicken sausage and stirring rice, I come to this conclusion:

When I neglect God’s Word, I tend to look at my life, analyze people and situations through my own personal experiences, my own personal opinions and feelings.


When I neglect God’s Word, I get my feelings hurt quite easily with either word, deed or even a glance.

When I neglect God’s Word, I tend to keep record after record of “she said this, she said that, he said this, he said that” ……..and mull over the intentional and not-intentional actions of others, digging myself into a never ending pity party hole, holding on tightly to all the wrongs I perceived were against me….putting me into a melancholy mood that hangs over me days at a time.

When I neglect God’s Word, I feel uncomfortably restless with my thoughts and life, dissecting my life circumstances, incessantly debating whether or not I should pursue this academic goal or that small business venture,  all the while ignoring the bathroom that needs a deep clean, the laundry, and sometimes even meals.

When I neglect God’s Word I am overall ill at ease. No peace of mind. Guilt ridden of the things I neglect. Overwhelmed at the things I ought to just do.


When I stay in God’s Word, I tend to look at my life, analyze people and situations, through the lens of God’s Word.


When I stay in God’s Word I tend to show more grace toward people, where in my flesh, I would normally not….meaning my feelings do not get hurt or bruised as easily. Words and deeds roll off my back and I never even notice the glance of others. 

When I stay in God’s Word, I tend to look back on conversations and remember only the encouragement or joy I received while engaged, I hold on to smiles and laughter, and even see intentional wrongs as an opportunity to pray for the doer-of-wrong.

When I stay in God’s Word, I tend to feel content at my present life circumstance, thanking God to be allowed one more day with the people He has blessed me. Academic goals or business ventures do not seem to be pressing choices that need to be decided on today. I can see my home as a place that needs my care, my children need clean clothes, my husband needs buttons sewn on, and well…..the bathroom…can wait until tomorrow!

When I stay in God’s Word…..its just better for my peace of mind…my mind does not feel cluttered with negative self defeating thoughts. Instead of my heart feeling continually heavy with guilt for things done or not done, God’s Word reminds me of repentance and my reconciled state with the Creator of the Universe. Overwhelming chaotic feelings dissipate with a quiet sense of calm.

Staying in God’s Word is just better for my overall day to day existence.

I’m hoping this reminder to myself, this random thought while cooking dinner, gives me the necessary evidence that I will inevitably need during those days or weeks that I allow to go by without the disciplined outward behavior I need to stay daily engaged in God’s Word.

Now..to feed the family! 

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