Do you know Him like this – the One that is in control, even in the face of persecution?

This is just a quick post to share two videos I came across this morning. 

One had me on my knees in thankfulness…..the other had me crying due to seeing the strength that God provides to those that are His, even in prison.

Both come from a recent conference that I had never heard of before until today, The True Woman National Conference.

It is led by Nancy Deigh LeMoss. Someone gave me a book written by her several years ago but I never read it and tucked it safely in my bookshelf. I might need to re-visit that book because I was impressed with I have seen so far online concerning this conference. 

That says a lot because usually am leery of women’s conferences. 

Now that I know about it, maybe I might go next year.

The first video is Blair Linne uttering her spoken word poetry, Do You Know Him. I have been following Blair Linne for several years now and I absolutely love her spoken word. For those that don’t know what spoken word is, according to Urban Dictionary it is “poetry intended for onstage performance, rather than exclusively designed for the page”.

Here in the U.S,  there has been an explosion of Christian spoken word poets rising out of urban settings. Many times, Christian spoken word poetry is jam packed with deep insightful perspectives that help listeners wrestle with our culture and how it pertains to God. If anyone wants to know what young adults are having to wrestle with in regards to the culture that bombards them with anti-Christian thought, check out a Christian spoken word performance. Regardless of its super hip vibe, the poets give amazing Godly and Biblical insight and go right to the heart of burning issues.

I am thankful for Blair Linne’s work. 

This second video if from the same True Woman conference. It is the wife of the Iranian American pastor, Saeed Abedini, who is imprisoned for his faith. 

I love the God we serve and I love to hear the testimonies of persecuted Christians staying faithful in spite of hardship. 

Sure does put true persecution in perspective. 

Do we have this kind of faith? If not, lets pray for it! 

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