Feminism and Narcissism – A deeper look at the Jenner issue

Our society at large is in a frenzy. In less than 24 hours, Caitlyn Jenner drew more than 2 million followers on Twitter. How did she do it? How did she become hugely popular, literally overnight?


She transitioned from being Bruce Jenner.


You know….the former Olympic decathlon dude? 

No, I dont know who that is. 

Sure you do, he was married to Kris Jenner….Kim Kardashian’s step dad. 

Oh, yeah. The old guy in sweats that nobody cared about or listened to.


The first time I watched an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s it was 2010. It was already a hit reality tv show. I had first heard about it through a new friend who recommended it to me. Since I was looking for a way to connect with her, I purposely sought it out, which was my attempt to “be all things to all people” (1 Corinthians 9:19-23). Needless to say, I watched a few episodes here and there but could not get past the fact that I just felt stupid-er after watching it….but often times I simply felt disgusted.

My first reaction to the show was shock. Shock at the magnified glorification of self, fashion, and materialism. On top of all the stuff I just mentioned it was disheartening to see the lopsided-ness of “woman power”….feminism might actually be the proper word.  

The drama of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney strategically took center stage and it was hard to see the disproportionate focus on the intimate details of the lives of these women, while at the same time downplaying the lives of the men in the family, Rob, the brother, and Bruce, the step dad. The men seemed to be pushed to the background and if they were given the opportunity to speak, they were typically mocked or their words ignored to such a degree that they were deemed completely irrelevant to any given situation the women found themselves in. 

After a little bit of digging I was able to figure out that the master mind behind this lack-of-talent reality show dynasty and instigator of woman-goddess worship was none other than Kris Jenner….the matriarch of the family.  

It made sense. 

Kris has always made sure to play up the exposure of her daughters, even if it was at the expense of the men in her life – her husband, her only son, and add-on, Scott, Kourtney’s husband. All other men were disposable tools to help promote her daughters to the masses.

So far, Kanye has been the only man that stands alone- but only because he has his own empire. Kris knew she couldn’t mess with that.

Kris Jenner placed her children on an altar to be worshiped and the god of money, fame and self worship blessed her, lucratively. She capitalized on the hunger of the viewer’s desire to imitate what her daughters offered – an unedited (aka- trashy) mouth on a flawless face and impeccable, savvy fashion sense. 

Kim has said on record

 “I have a blog that has 40 million hits a month. People leave comments: What shoes do you wear, and what lip gloss do you use? My mom told us, ‘So why not be a brand for our fans and give them what they want?’ Many of our ideas about what to endorse come from our fans and then our mother makes it happen.” 

And she does make it happen. 

Girls and women, of all ages, have fallen head over stiletto heels for the K-gals. They love the clothes, the sassy personalities and of course the relationship drama. The media eats them up. The world wants a taste of their fame, their status, their looks, and their lives. The matriarch of the family makes sure the girls give the world and the fans what it wants. 

One celebrity news article writes this:
“after seeing the success Kim was having with social media, Kris encouraged all the Kardashian/Jenner kids to tirelessly tweet, blog and update Facebook”

The K-gals exploited the “selfie” and filled their social media profiles with close up shots, posed shots, make up shots, and fashion shots of them simply doing what their mother asked them to do – use social media tirelessly. It became obvious that the girls loved the stardom and attention they were receiving. They soon discovered the effects of being worshiped for their looks and style and they craved this attention more and more because their popularity and bank account grew accordingly. 

Soon after the reality show became the top watched show on cable television, social media sites were and still are littered with photos of perfect copy cat poses of girls and women imitating their favorite K-gal – complete with a perfectly positioned head tilt, strategic hand placed on hip, so as to look natural, and one knee bent just right, to show off….well I don’t really what the bent knee is for. I just know a gazillion women are all posing the same….and its quite bizarre – See more at: http://www.mindandhearttheology.org/#sthash.EA7mCbmN.dpuf
The scope of influence the K-gals have spreads far and wide.

The Kardashian women have proved to themselves and the world that they do not need men to speak into their lives in order to be successful. Relying solely on their “womanly goods” was the only thing required to propel them into stardom. They sold it. The world bought it. 

They successfully ushered in the highest degree of narcissism. This particular form of narcissism packs a double punch because it rides on the back of feminism. Anyone and everyone that has been bamboozled into becoming a part of their fan base, through a twisted desire to imitate them, had no earthly idea they were actually accessories to the rising of one of the biggest Asherah poles in modern history. 

If Wormwood had conjured up this scheme, he would surely have been promoted, possibly being on equal ground or even surpassing Screwtape. That’s just how brilliant this plan was. 

Enter Bruce Jenner.  

What was it like for him to literally sit on the sidelines and watch his step daughters and wife of 20 plus years rise to a level of stardom that he was never able to attain? Especially as a washed up former athlete who secretly wanted to be a woman.   

Due to our fallen nature and sin, there is a certain degree of narcissistic tendencies in all of us, but for some, if not laid bare at the cross of Christ, these tendencies will be left unchecked and definitely not repented of. This leads to extreme forms of naval gazing…or is it mirror watching, whereby people are left grasping at anything that will shine the spot light on self. This spot light feels like an arrival of some sort….almost like an ultimate validation where one can declare “I’m free”, or “I’m accepted”, or “I’m loved”. 

Just look at our social media profiles. Let’s count how many selfies or pictures we share of ourselves doing random things. We love to share countless pics of our outfits, our hair styles, our accomplishments, our hurts, our food, our homes, our children, our let downs, our pain, our pets, our illnesses, our adventures, oftentimes in bathrooms or on tops of mountains. If that were not enough and we are parents we will also share our children’s accomplishments, their pain, their adventures, etc. 

We love to share pictures of us with other people doing super cool things so the world can admire how popular we are or how enviable our social life is. 

“Look at me” is the continuous scripture of the day! 

Social media, with the help of reality tv, has literally ripped opened pandora’s box for all to become lovers of self. (2 Timothy 3:2) It feeds our insatiable hunger that is the monster of narcissism that we all have. 

We all feed that monster with something. Some just feed it more than others. 

Sometimes we feed it – by becoming a completely different person….on the outside…even under going drastic measures to make that happen – like what Jenner has done, along with so many others that suffer from gender identity confusion. Let me be clear though….it does not just include those that undergo the surgical knife to change their gender. It also includes all those the allow that same surgical knife to change their breast size, waist size, noses etc., and not for gender reassignment, but simply enhancment. 

Sometimes others feed it – meaning someone somewhere in our history, victimized us emotionally or physically to such a degree that the consequences of being victimized essentially goes on to fuel deep rooted narcissistic tendencies. For example, a parent or grandparent forcing us to wear clothes outside of our gender. 

Jenner must have envied and marveled at the success the women in his immediate family were gaining for having no skill what so ever, other than the ability to display the glory of their womanhood – the very thing he claims he desired. 

The perfectly styled hair, glossy puckered lips, the super trendy high fashion clothes, the flawless makeup, voluptuous body parts on full display….to Jenner…all that meant freedom, acceptance, ultimate validation.

Not to mention the endless theater of relationship drama and unrelenting paparazzi….surely their lives were to be envied and imitated….at least to a fellow narcissist it was.

One of Jenner’s first tweets as Caitlyn was boasting about how many followers he had gained on Twitter as a women in such a short amount of time.

“Another Jenner world record, and at 65? Who’da thought! Humbled & honored to have reached 1M followers in 4 hrs. Thank you for your support.”

He is proving that he gains his acceptance and validation on 1) record setting 2) followers on social media 3) being a woman

This screams narcissism to the highest degree! 

Years ago, Kris said

“If you know anything about Bruce Jenner, he really doesn’t have a say in very much around here. We said ‘Honey, we’re doing a show. Are you in or out? If you’re out, then you need to move to the garage because we’re filming a reality show.’” 

She later added

“My fantasy is to have Keeping Up With Kardashians, Season 26. Who knew it would be this profitable? I should have had more kids.” 

Well, looks like she didn’t need to have more kids. She just needed a passive neglected man in need of attention and struggling with identity issues to give her what she wanted – continued fame, continued attention, more money…in spite of her denial in knowing that she knew Bruce secretly wanted to transition or deeply struggled with gender identity confusion. 

I don’t know about anybody else, but if my husband confessed to taking female hormones prior to marrying me, and occasionally was found dressed as a women during our marriage, that is something I would not just blow off and not talk extensively about. But again, she was too focused on creating a brand, too focused on her daughters, too focused on everything under the sun that brought fame, fortune and popularity, she neglected her husband, her marriage and treated him like a second class citizen. There is 7 years of reality tv footage to prove it. 

Sadly, Bruce Jenner voluntarily gave himself up to be the poster boy/girl for the cause. What cause? 

Feminism on steroids and narcissism to the highest degree, all wrapped nicely together in a package made with the finest couture the world has to offer. 

The LGBT community wants to jump on board. 
The people yelling “love and tolerance” want to jump on board.
The confused Christians that don’t know what to think, but don’t want to be labeled judgmental, hesitatingly want to jump on board. 

God is not surprised by any of this.
He is still sovereign over this whole charade.
Always has been….always will be. 

So, what are we supposed to do with all of this? How, as Christians, are we supposed to react to all of this?

I recenlty read a really good blog post that I agree with 100% so I don’t feel the need to try to add to what I feel has been the best response to this issue so far.

I will add a few things though before I wrap this up though.

Jesus redeems repentant people….not sin.

Sin is never redeemable and cannot and should not ever be accepted as norm, regardless of what the culture or the masses shout through social media.

The Kardashian/Jenner women, if repentant, are redeemable.

Bruce Jenner, if repentant, is redeemable.

All the women who seek their validation by imitating the Kardashian women, if repentant, are redeemable.

All of the narcissists, if repentant, are redeemable. (that includes all of us…not just the ones we can point to)

Repentant, redeemed people will begin fighting that desire for self to be glorified. They will begin to look to the ONE that fully satisfies. The deep inner desires of our hearts will change and we will want to reflect the very One that is changing us.  

Repentant redeemed people will come to understand the depth of what Jesus has done to redeem them…..and that is where true, deep, lasting freedom lies.

Where we can finally boast, confidently
I’m free
I’m loved
I’m accepted…..
And not because we are pointing to us…but pointing to Him! 

Only Jesus gives that kind of freedom…so lets pray for that to happen and become people that repent as often as we find ourselves taking our eyes off Him and onto ourselves.

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