Spaniards, Aztecs and Baby Sacrifice

In many Hispanic circles, (which includes Spanish, Mexican, Central and South American ethnicities) there are young to middle aged adults that completely disregard Christianity due to the Catholic Church’s influence on the atrocities of the Spanish Crusades, which were papal sanctioned military campaigns. In their eyes, there is no distinction between Christianity and the Catholic church of the middle ages. Since the medieval Catholic church influenced the rulers and kingdoms of the day, it’s safe to say they were the main movers and shakers of government. When the rulers of the church spoke, everyone listened.

However, I have often expressed to people that I am thankful that Spain (1/2 of my ancestral line) sent a military campaign in the early 1500’s to Mexico to conquer the land along with the Aztecs (the other 1/2 of my ancestral line), which inevitably helped end the horrendous practice of Aztec child/baby sacrifices in which everyone, Christians and non-Christian alike, have called evil. Unfortunately, the violent ritual of human sacrifice is often overlooked due to the fact that historians would rather focus on the Spanish colonization of a people and how detrimental it was to the Aztecs and their culture as a whole.

It’s almost like the time God allowed and used the unstoppable Assyrians to conquer and vanquish idolatrous Israel. According to Hosea, Israel’s culture and behavior, approximately 250 years after the division of Solomon’s kingdom, appeared to have no knowledge of God in the land. The more they increased the more they sinned against God (Hosea 4:1, 7). Israel had become a stench to God so he gave them up to the Assyrians completely. Then 150 or so years later, God used the relentless Babylonians to conquer the unfaithfully religious but oppressive-to-the-poor Judah and sent his own covenant people into exile. Thankfully, God kept his covenant promise and reserved a remnant people so that he could raise up a Branch out of the house of David for future salvation and redemption purposes. That Branch is no other than King Jesus.

Throughout the scope of history, and because God is the Creator of history, time and different ethnic people groups, God had a pattern of allowing unrighteous and dominant kingdoms to subdue other unrighteous kingdoms and cultures….and ultimately, in the case of the Spaniards subjugating  the Aztecs in Mexico, regardless of what contemporary historians say, it turned out to be a very good thing.

Had Spain never conquered the Aztecs, I, along with my entire family, probably would not be here today, along with millions of other Mexicans that have Spanish and Aztec ancestry.

I know many Mexicans from Mexico, some even dearly loved family members, who are extremely proud of their Aztec history. I happen to not be one of them. I’ve got that strong Spanish colony-conquering blood running through my veins along with even stronger Aztec Mexican human sacrificing history I wish I could ignore. 

Can we honestly look back in time and say that our current culture is not as depraved as those Spanish Conquistadors that were given broad permission slips to kill and destroy anyone that did not conform to their way of thinking? Or maybe we are not as evil as those blood thirsty Aztecs that created various gods to suit their needs and sacrificed people, oftentimes children and babies, to appease the imaginary whims of their gods? 

Lets see. 

Our current culture may not be sacrificing babies and children at an actual altar like the Aztecs did, (phew, thank goodness right?), but what are we sacrificing or worshiping in our culture?

Since we are obviously more civilized than the Aztecs, we no longer need those archaic gods, temples, and altars made of stone. In our modernity, we sophisticatedly replaced a stone altar with a real handy conceptual god – the god of freedom of choice- which we conveniently worship at the behavior altar. It is at this altar where we demand to have freedom to have sex with whomever we want, whenever we want, and if we happen to get pregnant due to this great and wonderful freedom, we get to call on our freedom of choice god to redeem our behavior. This freedom god gives us the “great privilege” to offer our sacrifices at the behavior altar with our sacrificial ritual called abortion.  

Unfortunately we had no idea that this freedom of choice god was going to have a voracious unquenchable appetite. However, we have become more than willing to give it what it wants. 

We feed it babies everyday. 

Those silly Aztecs were so “old school”. They actually waited for babies to be born. In our wonderful modern high technological culture we are able to offer sacrifices and feed our modern gods way before a baby is born. 

Our methods are faster and more sophisticated. And if that were not enough, our very own contemporary form of “papal sanctions” fund our modern baby sacrifices with millions of dollars in government spending. We also get our very own abortion crusaders demanding that we all conform to their way of thinking, lest we are called uncivilized pro-choice haters. If we dare oppose baby killing in any form, every conceivable situation where abortion can be accepted is brought up and we are left to defend our pro-life stance. 

For example: 

What about girls or women who are raped? Do we expect them to have to raise a child from a rapist? 

What about when the women’s life is in danger? Do we pick a woman’s life over a “fetus”? 

What about a teenage girl who was molested by a family member? Surely you don’t expect her to carry the baby of her dad, brother, grandfather, etc. etc. etc.? 

If we try to answer any of these questions from a pro-life perspective, immediately we are labeled as hateful despicable people from the very one’s who advocate baby killing. How does THAT make any kind of sense?

However, statistically speaking, the situations I just mentioned are rare in comparison to the majority of abortions that occur simply because a woman wants to express her freedom to do whatever she wants with her body, which ultimately leads to murdering babies, in the name of pro-choice. 

If the Aztec system of worship and culture was still thriving today, they would defiantly be impressed with us! I’m quite sure.

So, what does all this tell us? 

Who will stop the practice of killing babies in the womb in order for women to freely worship sexual immorality and promiscuity? 

Maybe Spain will send out more crusaders…

Oh wait……..

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