Jesus owns me

This is my truth. 
It happened in my bedroom after watching Passion of the Christ in the theater. 
Before Resurrection Sunday. 
It’s no mere coincidence that Jesus chose to save me from death in my bedroom. 
He rescued me, where sin had its tightest strongest grip. 

I have never recovered from my conversion. 
I’m not supposed to. 
Jesus owns me. 
Being owned by Jesus….gives me unmeasurable joy. 
The culmination of all joy and happiness is being rescued by a redeemer who gives us all we need to grow to look more like him day by day. 

Being a Christian is not just “saying a prayer” or “letting Jesus into your heart”. 

Being a Christian is not a phase. 
Being a Christian is not growing up in church and assuming the faith of your parents. 
Being a Christian is not following rules or traditions. 
Being a Christian is not trying really hard to be a good person. 

Being a Christian is when Jesus takes your life and makes it his. 
Nothing is the same. 
Everything is changed. 

the end.

(Photo first appeared at the facebook page of jackiehillperry). 

When God called you, you were in a real sense asleep in your bed. 
Into your bedroom came Jesus Christ. 
He stood there in the Glory of His Calvary Love and His Resurrection Power. 
You were asleep. 
In fact, you were dreaming. 
And in the dream, which is your ordinary life,
You saw Jesus. 
Only in the dream, he looked foolish. 
He was not attractive. 
You wondered why others made such a big deal out of him. 
In the dream your television was more exciting. 
Your boyfriend or girlfriend was more real. 
Your job more satisfying. 

The Holy Spirit came into the bedroom where Jesus was standing
In the Glory of His Calvary Love and Resurrection Power. 
And the Spirit hovered over your dreaming head and called
In a voice, just loud enough, 
“wake up!’

It shook you.

You opened your eyes. 

And there before you stood the real Jesus Christ. 
And His Glory was unmistakable. 

And you knew that all your life, you had been dreaming. 
That all your thoughts about his being foolish and unreal and unattractive
Were mere fantasies and empty images of a sleeping mind. 

But now…..
The veil of slumber was lifted 

And the LIGHT OF THE GOSPEL OF THE GLORY OF CHRIST was irresistibly true. 

Christ crucified was now for YOU what it really is:


That is what is means to be called. 
(written by John Piper)  

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