fallen trees, falling blessings

a few days ago I was in my sewing my room when my hubs called me and my girl outside to help with something he and the boy were working on. Little did I know, they were fixin (yeah, I said fixin) to take down a tree. I pull my rain boots on, threw on my jacket over my pajama top and headed outside. I walked down the driveway, with my daughter trailing behind me. Once we got to the guys my hubs tells us to follow the rope, which ended on the other side of a little patch of forest we have that surrounds our driveway. My boy was there holding the end of the rope.

my hubs yells “when I say pull, pull on that rope as hard as you can”.

“what??” I yell back, totally confused.

“mom, dad is cutting down the tree and we are gonna make a fort”, my son explains.

it all sounded very dangerous and I paused the entire production to have my hubs explain it all. I really have no earthly idea what provoked him to think that his family had the gusto to pull on a rope to bring down a tree, even after he chainsawed it.

once he reassured me that it was do-able, I obediently picked up the rope and started worrying. I began doubting my husbands calculations.

i positioned my son at the very end of the rope, my girl in the middle, and me in the front, closest to the tree. I tell the kids that when the tree starts coming down, they needed to run in the opposite direction as fast as they can. The tree seemed very tall and I was sure it was going to fall right on top of us.

my son tried to calm my fears by telling me that if we were meant to die today, then it was God’s plan and I should trust God.

yeah….that’s what happens when we teach our kids about the sovereign hand of God who controls every square inch of the world, to include our lives and our tree cutting down adventures.

needless to say, the tree came down seamlessly. My husbands calculations were correct. It didn’t even get close to landing anywhere near us. 

after the tree was on the ground, my hubs informed us all that the reason that this particular tree needed to come down was due to the fact that it was a dead tree and it was rotten on the inside. He said it would have eventually come down on its own, at best, blocking our driveway. Voluntarily cutting it down before that happened was the best plan of action.

we all paused to see the depth of the tree rot.

after it was all said and done, my brilliant husband decided to make two nice tree sofa’s that we placed around our fire pit tonight.

i’m thankful for my hubs and his ability to think about rotting trees that need to come down. I am thankful that he has the talent and the brawn to turn those rotten old tress into something useful.

the boy told his dad to add backs to our new tree sofas, so they used old pallet boards. 

i am also thankful that my kids remind me that what I teach them about God does not go in one ear and out the other. They tuck that theology away in their hearts and minds and then remind me of God’s trustworthiness when I most need to hear it.

when i think about the blessings that God showers down on my little family, these words always rise up in my heart. I never want to take for granted where and from whom my blessings come from.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

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