Life should not be compartamentalized

We have a little bit going on in our lives. 

Keeping it all separate was just too much so I solved that problem by adding sections to the blog so that I can share, from one space, all that our family is and does. 

Here are the sections and what will be found in each. 

Thoughts on Theology – This is still where the meat of the blog will be. Why I started this blog can be found HERE. When I am not homeschooling my kiddos or sewing, more than likely I am ignoring my domestic duties and reading a book on some aspect of theology. This section is where I will share my thoughts, observations and reflections on what I glean from what I read along with a few other issues that I feel strongly about.  

Home life – here I will share what happens in our little slice of homesteading heaven. well it’s really not heaven because we are not the kind of people that take the time and effort to properly upkeep the outside of our home the way we ought to. With that said, we have way too many dead leaves we need to rake up, but we never get around to doing it. We raise turkeys and have chickens so our almost 3 acres has plenty of chicken poop to go around – meaning we and our visitors are bound to step on it on any given day. My husband is seriously considering getting pigs – but I am trying to deter him, though I may be failing. Anyway, anything and everything that happens in and around our home, I will share in this section of the blog. 

Homeschool – it’s no secret that i am a die hard homeschool advocate. i try not to be legalistic about it, though at times, it might sound that way – I apologize in advance. This section will include all things homeschool. I already have several blog posts that I am working on to share soon. 

Missional Living – This section will include blog posts about what our family does to engage our immediate community for Christ. Sometimes what we do is very intentional and sometimes it’s not super intentional but a missional undercurrent is still very much there. As disciples of Jesus, we are all mandated to be on mission. We don’t necessarily need to go across the ocean to share Christ with others, though at times it might be necessary. Here I will share how our family wrestles with the tension of how we purposely live a missional life. I use the word “tension” because oftentimes we don’t do a very good job being on mission even though our intentions are there.

Tent Making – Since God has called me to homeschool my kids and I initially didn’t have much patience at the onset, God led me to a hobby that has helped me grow in patience. Sewing. I have developed a love of sewing and this is where I will share what I sew. Sewing helps still my mind when its gets cluttered. It also helps me organize my thoughts in such a way that it actually helps me write and think more coherently. Also, selling what I sew helps support some of the missional ventures we take on.

So…there you have it. New sections explained. There are still some kinks that need to be worked out but at least it seems to be a good idea. I think this will also help me write more. We shall see.

Hope you enjoy the new sections. 

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