Flannel Take 1

last year I was determined to make a flannel top. our move to washington was the driving force behind this endevaor.

flannel is to washington as cowboy boots are to texas.

however, not one to blend in with the rest of the pacific northwest crowd, i have chosen not to purchase a ready made button down flannel top. oh how easy life would be if i did…..but it would definitely be less exciting.

last year i attempted to make a few tops but the drape was just not right and everything i tried felt too boxy.

low and behold, spring rolled around and my flannel adventures were put on hold.

during a recent trip to our only fabric store, i revisited the flannel section and fell in love with all the different prints. they lured me in with their different color combos. 

suffice to say, i bought a few safe prints to start off with.

i had been playing around with a particular pattern but was not sure how the flannel would work since flannel has more body, less drape.

i ended up making a sweatshirt style top but the length was not right. when i first tried it on, it felt like an outdated boxy flour bag.

i cut two inches off the length and reattached the waist band and was happy with how the overall look of the top turned out. it reminded me of a vintage (1980’s or 90’s) sweatshirt but instead of the boring gray that was typical, it’s made with a soft flannel.

here are a few pics.

i really love the print. I love the over sized neck band. i love the fall colors.

the sleeves were a pain to put on. i seem to forget how much i dislike fitted sleeves until its time to sew them on. 

as much as i love this top, the sew-er in me wanted to give it a bit more detail at the neck line.

i pulled out another pattern i had been working on and wondered how the flannel would look with a mandarin collar. i love tops with mandarin collars. don’t ask me why….i just do. they seem to look more put together than just regualr ol’ collars.

i also did not want to do another fitted sleeve….more due to the fact that I ran out of fabric. either way, im glad i did not have anymore because it forced me to make the decision to try a knit sleeve. i mean i could have waited to get to the fabric store to buy more….but im impatient.

remember…sewing helps me grow in patience…but sometimes it does not do a very good job. once i start working on a new creation, i get so excited to finish it to the end, i struggle with slowing down to think things through.

more often than i care to admit my projects are a bust because i did not think about what i wanted the finished project to look like, and inevitably, by the time i am finished, i hate it.

this time….i was not unhappy. i did not hate it.

this time, i was happy that….

1) i ran out of fabric
2) i didn’t wait to go buy more fabric
3) i had blue knit fabric readily accessible

the pattern needs a bit more tweaking, but so far…..loving it. 
 love the mandarin collar
love the little pleat at the center of the top
love the little darts on the side, giving it shape
love the extra long knit sleeve

what i am not thrilled about is the length. not sure what i want it to look like yet. maybe a longer curved hem. maybe a hi-low hem. maybe shorter with a knit band, like the first one. maybe even a longer tunic style length that could even function as a dress.

i plan on making more tops in flannel. i have some red and green flannel (top one) that i might pair with white knit sleeves.

then there is the yummy black flannel that will be will paired with black sleeves. who knows..maybe i might even do a fitted sleeve for the black….to dress it up a bit.

we shall see.

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