Family Updates

New Christmas traditon for a new life in the city

This year we are starting a new tradition. 

It involves scaling back significantly with how we do Christmas. 

Some may think it’s a bit extreme and that’s fine. For those that know me personally know that I don’t give much stock when it comes to other people’s opinions concerning how our family does “family”, which includes how we celebrate holidays.

my girl love Captain America so it was a given she would pick this fabric



I also just need to say up front that we are pretty generous parents. We have never really waited for special occasions to shower our kids with various gifts here and there throughout the year so this scaling back is really not that big of a deal. 

Living in super tight temporary quarters while we wait to buy some commercial property is already stretching my nerves. This little apartment can only hold so much stuff. Pretty soon we are gonna start looking like we might need an intervention from the Hoarders team. It really is challenging my patience, beyond words can explain. I am not a super organized person by nature anyway but I do need things to be put in their proper place. With small space living, there isn’t much room for proper places so it is making me a bit cray cray at times. All that to say, I can’t imagine bringing in any more stuff into this already cramped apartment. 

Also, with 3 birthday’s happening this month and our anniversary, it only makes sense to implement something that helps us be a good steward with the financial blessings that my husband’s job provides. It was just too much to buy loads of gifts for all these birthdays, our anniversary and Christmas. Something had to give.

Due to all of the above realities this year, our family has chosen to give Christmas gifts ONLY according to what can fit into our stockings… 1 gift that does not fit. 

Since we wanted this new tradition to have more intentionality and be a bit more personal, I had my children pick out their own fabric for their stockings. I still need to make a trip to the fabric store to pick out couple of prints for the hubs as I don’t think I can drag him into a fabric store anytime soon… matter how hard I try. 

So, on top of our tradition of reading 2 Advent books each year, welcome to our NEW Christmas tradition. I hope this can be done every year from here on out.

the boy had a more difficult time deciding between Marvel and DC Comics, however he could not find any fabric that combined them both so he just picked this

I pray, due to all the above extenuating circumstances this year, our new realities have brought us to this new kind of Christmas scaling back. 

I hope my kids will begin to see that the true meaning for recognizing and honoring the birth of our Savior first comes with stripping away things that might distract.  Prayerfully, this can happen more deeply if we actually take away the materialism that runs rampant and unchecked in our culture during this time of year, beginning with ourselves by making real choices in our celebrating.

My husband and I talked with our children and made sure they were ok with this new tradition. They had no problem forgoing the opening up of many gifts on Christmas day and they are actually quite excited and already planning on what they can put in each of our stockings. 

this is mine. need no explanation for my choice of prints

Is anyone else doing anything different this year for Christmas?

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