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Obedient Millenial Christianity

I love millennials. Truly I do. I have spent the better part of the last 7 years doing life with millennial Christians.

I have 2 adult children who are considered millennials.

I know the people in this demographic are not all the same, but regardless, there are some distinguishing features that can easily be picked out in some.

(Notice I said SOME, not all).

Here is a tongue in cheek poem, where I am laughing WITH this pretty significant amount of younger adults. I was inspired to write this after spending a bit of time on several social media platforms and noticing a few themes.

Then I came across an article on Patheos, Dear Church, It’s Time We Stopped Idolizing Millenials

I know from first-hand experience that millennials are also a bit overly sensitive, choosing to be offended over taking a posture of laughing at oneself, so I know the potential liability that is possible with this piece.

But I don’t mind.

The comfort of being older and a mom of millennials is that criticism or pushback is actually welcomed in my world. If millennials have expectations that make them feel entitled to teach the rest of the population because they are so “in tune” with cultural reality, well I pray they grow a learning posture as well.

Learning is actually a reciprocating process. There is something to be said about the Biblical wisdom of gleaning from older saints in the church, but if Christian millennial are too cool-hip-urban-trendy to learn from those with chrome highlights in their hair, then maybe they need to be poked fun of with a bit of comedic sarcasm.

Without further ado….

The Obedient Millenial Christian

i see you. we all see you.
you make yourself to be seen
your über self
bold. unapologetic
declaring your goodness
through social media activism
red lipstick, hoop earrings
athliesure joggers in camo
graphic print on your t-shirt, earrings, or kicks
flannel tied around your waist
as if it just appeared there
strategically placed rips on your thighs and knees
french pressed coffee only, please

everything about the outward you is intentional
inclusive. tolerant
your compassion cup flows over your skinny jeans
paired perfectly
with your moccasin style penny loafer
you know, because indigenous people need recognition too
you are knowledgable about every. single. failing
done by the church
records of wrong
neatly filed away
in your limbic system
Ready to be locked, loaded and delivered,
in case you have to resist em’

you call your offspring tribe, crew or legacy
you birth babies in water tanks.
with no meds
just because you can
sporting precious newborns
like designer backpacks
worn on your chest
you know, because bonding nurtures future scholars.
knowledge is power
but so is image

you have both.
you’re invincible.
you have almost a million followers on Instagram to prove it

facials, pedi’s and mani’s are your relationship goals
regardless of gender
high-end beer
is drunk from elegant long necks with besties.
Bible study only happens
through an aroma of percolating madness
With an extra shot of micro-roast
hold the cream, please
what a travesty

you have the answer to all injustice.
it says so on your personalized Christian clothing line.
you complain about capitalism
while pimping out the Gospel message
for a penny in your pocket
one verse at a time
marketable Jesus is your holy indignation.

sin only happens in others.
urban trendsetters don’t need to repent
all day slay is your only weakness
that’s not your fault
a sovereign God summoned you to a calling
and you must obey

social media is your weapon
to not only fight for equality
but also to feed your narcissism
see, you have skills too
multi-tasking is your forte

you decry the dominant demographic
exists solely to divide and segregate
completely unaware
that you are also a member of a dominant culture
the unsacred politerates
ready to distribute diplomas of discrimination
for whoever does not toe the line of ruling ideology
a figment of their own creation

sadly, sometimes we can’t tell you apart
but that’s fine with you
you would rather be affiliated with a rejecting Christ urbaneer
than the intolerant saints you will spend eternity with
because you’re on mission
and you must obey

you have replaced a call to repentance
with the idea of human flourishing
as if equal self-actualization
can justify a sin-filled nature


you don’t actually have time
to make any kind of difference
your small group meets tonight
and someone’s bringing
an Aeropress
you must obey

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