Family Focus Christian Counseling Christmas Newsletter

I love where I work.

I knew that when I decided to go back to school, after 15 years of being a stay at home/homeschool mom, that I wanted to counsel others under the umbrella of my Christian faith. Once my children entered their teen years, I knew that my primary role of homeschool mom was going to eventually come to an end. I had been dabbling in ministry for the last 10 years or so, which helped me to decide that if I were to leave my home for a job with an actual paycheck, my faith and belief in Christ was going to have to play a central role in any future vocational endeavor.

I have now been at Family Focus Christian Counseling since September of 2018. I am thankful to be part of this amazing team of therapists that serve San Diego East County. Every year our director writes a newsletter, which I wanted to share here.

Please check it out and consider sending your end-of-year donations to this wonderful non-profit. Donations go towards clients who want counseling but are unable to pay the full fee. The newsletter explains it all. Check it out.

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