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Cops – an unreached people group

  Dear American Christian, What do you think would happen if you saw law enforcement personnel as an unreached people group to pursue instead of picking up stones to throw at?  For those that find it easier to see them as the enemy, I guess it's easier to hate them, feel threatened by them, or… Continue reading Cops – an unreached people group

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Our LA mission field update – Rain

I ask myself often, if I am honest, I have to admit that it's daily,  --"What are we doing here in this big ol city?" I've been tagging our Instagram pics with #misfitmissionariesinla because that's how I honest to God feel.  Moving to an unknown place, with an unknown culture is distressing. Comfort zone is… Continue reading Our LA mission field update – Rain

Missional Life

Poem for the Fellowship of the Unashamed

This morning my husband and 16 year old daughter had the privilege of hearing Steve Lawson preach a sermon that covered Luke 14:25-35, which is about counting the cost of being a disciple of Christ. I was stuck in bed with a really bad head cold and congestion, so even though I could not hear… Continue reading Poem for the Fellowship of the Unashamed

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Waiting, Fear, Making Home, and Making Bread

This comes from our Family on Mission section. (see above) We really don't have much normalcy in our day yet. We found a teeny tiny apartment in Long Beach, no, not close to the beach, but rather to our church plant target area in North Long Beach, but not quite. Even though I love that… Continue reading Waiting, Fear, Making Home, and Making Bread