Romans 8 Memorization Plan

I have created PDF files of helpful print outs – 1-2 verses at a time. (there is one that is 3 verses long only because breaking it up would not have flowed well)

The first page will be the current memory verses in large font. Place this in an area where you will see it often. For me, I am placing it in my homeschool room, since I am in this part of the house most of the day with my children. Other options could be on the refrigerator or laundry room or wherever you spend most of your day. 

The second page has the verses written out 10 times. Read the verses 10 times.  Then close your eyes and repeat several times, maybe 10. 

The third page will have the verses in 4 boxes to cut out. Put these cut-outs in your wallet, the dashboard of your car, use one as a bookmark, and any other place that will help, maybe the bathroom mirror. This will help saturate your environment with plenty of reminders to help the verses get in your brain. 

The 4th page is all the verses we have learned so far. Read it 5 times and then close your eyes and say it out loud a few times….maybe 5. 

That’s it. Should not take more than a few minutes each day. 
I’m ready…are you? 

Don’t forget to PRAY and ask God for discipline.  

Also, since John Piper encouraged Christ-followers to memorize Romans 8, I love that he is helping others to fully understand its depth. Here are some helpful tools to help us wade through the treasure that is Romans 8. 

Look to the Book
Romans 8:1-3
Romans 8:3-4
ESV  Memorization                          
Romans 8: 1-2           
Romans 8: 3-4
Romans 8: 5-6
Romans 8: 7-8
Romans 8: 9-10
Romans 8: 11-12
Romans 8: 13-14
Romans 8: 15-16
Romans 8: 17-18
Romans 8: 19-21
Romans 8: 22-23
Romans 8: 24-25
Romans 8: 26
Romans 8: 27-28
Romans 8: 29-30
Romans 8: 31-32
Romans 8: 33-34
Romans 8: 35-36
Romans 8: 37
Romans 8:38-39

Romans 8:1-2
Romans 8:3-4

Romans 8:1-2
Romans 8:3-4