Where to seek counseling?

Ariel is currently seeing clients at Family Focus Christian Counseling Center, supervised by John Southward, LMFT, Lic 47976 and Mark Triboulet, LMFT Lic 96352

She is also seeing clients on a limited basis (Friday’s and some Saturday’s) at New Day Women’s Center where she is supervised by Phyllis Vokey Long, LMFT, LiC 43695

Ariel is competent to counsel those encountering issues with, but not limited to:

Anger, Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Depression, Family Conflict, Childhood and Adult Trauma, Domestic Violence, Adultery, Pornography, Communication Skills, Eating Disorders, Various Personality Disorders (codependency, narcissistic tendencies, borderline, etc.) Family Dynamics, Divorce, Lower Income Realities, Single Parent Struggles

She specializes in Childhood Sexual Abuse, Adults with Childhood Sexual Abuse, Adults with Childhood Abuse and Trauma, and Sexual Violence (rape).

She has led groups on how to change negative thinking patterns, as well as sexual abuse support groups. Contact her for details if you are interested in having her speak at your next function or church group.